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Gavin and Julie have transformed a traditional country butcher shop into a gourmet delight since their return from Sydney to Greytown in 2006.

Gavin and Julie

Catering for the most disconcerning of tastes, this was just the beginning of a dream of owning their own, and in particular Greytown Butchery. They were both amazed at the positive feedback from their customers who were pleased to see such a diverse range of products. With their customer's enthusiasim to try more - more products evolved.

Gavin trained as a butcher in the Wairarapa before moving to Sydney to learn new skills from Greek and Italian butchers including a certified organic butcher.  He spent the next five years perfecting his skills in the art of handcrafting sausages, salamis, and other delectable delights like prosciutto and the Greek favourites Kelafitcol and Souvlaki.  Gavin later moved on to managing an organic butcher shop, before his return to Greytown.

Greytown Butchery is an approved Foodstuffs supplier, now with HCCAP and FSP in place they supply a range of products to the local trusthouse supermarkets in Featherston, Greytown and Eketahuna, as well as Pirinoa Country Store.  With staffing and production increasing, so has also their family, Gavin and Julie are now the proud parents of their adorable son Riley.


The Butcher's Shop History

circa 1873

Stuart and Josef

This shop is unusual in that it has remained a butcher's shop since its construction in circa 1873. Sam Haigh, a very important businessman in Greytown, was the first owner. He also owned a small farm near Greytown. For many years Angus and Mary Svenson owned the shop and when he died she continued to manage the business alone. She supervised the business from a high chair in a window above the counter. For many years Fred McCarty worked here. Until c1940 he lived with his family above the shop.

Ray Gallon from Matarawa purchased the shop from Mrs Svenson and he operated here from about 1970 to 1982. It was about this time that the building was given its zigzag verandah and brick front. For twenty years, until 2001, Ken Thiele was the butcher. He owned the business from 1985 to 1998.

In 1999 Barry Whitney purchased the building and restored it back to its Victorian style. He has also added two colonial style buildings behind the shop. The business would now be one of very few surviving butcher's shops in small New Zealand towns.


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