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Without wanting to rustle too many feathers, we'll briefly point out some, of the many differences between the range of chicken now available on the market.

There seems to be a bit of controversy around chicken these days. Not just about eating chicken, but raising of chicken too.  With the consumer being more and more aware of how their chicken is 'growing' many people now prefer to eat chicken that has at least had some form of a 'happy life' growing how chicken 'used to' by fossicking around out in the open, and heading indoors when they feel like it. As apposed to being crammed in a cage, being forced fed with not only food pellets, but growth promotents and hormones to speed up their life span.

For some, it is not a choice, but a necessity to buy the cheapest chicken available, but with supply and demand being the issue around chicken, the true value of chicken has now been undermined, from what its real worth should be.

So, ultimately the choice is up to you, that's why we have a range of chicken, not just free-range!

Skinless, boneless, skin on, bone in.  You want it, we'll make it!  If you require something that is not a traditional chicken cut, or not on the list as below, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Due to product pricing, all of our chicken products below will contain conventional chicken. If you would prefer organic or free-range, please specify when you contact us with your order on enquiry.

  • Apricot and Cream Cheese Chicken Breast
  • Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel - plain or Mediterranean
  • Chicken and Bacon Rolls
  • Chicken Burgers
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Chicken Kebabs
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Chicken Spare Ribs
  • Chicken Rolls - many flavours
  • Half Chicken - plain or marinated with garlic and lemon
  • Manuka Smoked Chicken Breasts

As well as the chicken products listed above, we have chicken eggs (free-range), chicken stock, chicken livers, and chicken liver pate. All our Free-Range and Organic Chicken is pre-packed.

Free Range Chicken:

  • Free-Range Corn Fed Whole chook - size 14
  • Free-Range Corn Fed Chicken Breasts - skin on in 500g packs
  • Free-Range Corn Fed Chicken Thighs - skinless, boneless in 500g packs

Certified Organic Chicken:

  • Certified Organic whole chooks - sizes 14, 16, and 18
  • Certified Organic Breasts - skinless, boneless pack in singles and pairs
  • Certified Organic Drumsticks - 500g packs
  • Certified Organic Thighs - skinless, boneless in packs of three and four

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Chicken Kiev

Chicken Rolls

Lemon and Garlic half Chicken