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While we can do the most basic cuts of Lamb for everyday meals, to roasts of all sizes, and beyond, with a gourmet twist and style to some cuts, we cannot go too far without mentioning our locally bred Texel Lamb. Discover the flavours of our local Wairarapa Texel Lamb, bred on the southern coast of the Wairarapa.

These award winning beauties have great condition, meaning minimal fat with beautiful muscle structure. On tasting Texel, you'll notice a softer, juicier and most succulently tender feel to the meat. Even leg chops melt in your mouth without having to stew for ages!

If you’re feeling like something different, more interesting with added flavour, check out some of our gourmet lamb dishes below:

  • Rosemary & Pepper Rolled Shoulder Roast
  • Lamb Kofta
  • Greek Lamb Souvlaki
  • Noisettses – plain or flavoured
  • Greek Lamb Kelafticol
  • Mini Lamb Roll Ups – plain or flavoured
  • Lamb Burgers
  • Lamb Curry
  • Lamb & Kumera Casserole
  • Mongolian Lamb Stir Fry
  • Prune & Apricot Mini Lamb Roast
  • Horopito Lamb Meatballs

As well as the above lamb dishes, there is an array of Gourmet Lamb Sausages (see Sausages Page)

Lamb offal seems to still be very popular, with the offal below being the most popular:

  • Lamb Kidneys
  • Lambs Fry
  • Lambs Brain
  • Lambs Tongues (plain or corned)

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Roast Lamb with spinach, feta and pinenuts